Black Suit Shirt And Tie Combinations

Black suits are known for its versatility. They could be styled and worn with almost anything. If you are a bit unsure on different ways you can style yours, we have come up with a couple of combinations that would look great.


Patterned Shirts

One of the ultimate ways to nail your look in a black suit is by wearing it with a patterned shirt. It adds a little bit of personality into the outfit, especially when the pattern compliments greatly with the black suit. You could try out lovely patterns like florals, polka dots, check shirts and other designs. To avoid looking too busy, use small prints rather than the larger ones. Huge prints could be a little bit tricky so it’s better to play safe with smaller prints. This outfit should be completed with a plain colored long tie. Bow ties could equally give this look an amazing appearance, as long as they are in simple colors. This gives an overall dapper look.


Colored Plain Shirts

Black is a universal colour, so most times, a lot of plain colors go perfectly with it. You could pair your black suit with an eccentric colour a like royal blue, purple, yellow and red. If you want to tone it down, you could use colour alike grey, blush pink, white, champagne, and burgundy. You could also use colors like emerald green, or purple. As much as plain colors are a great combination, you have to be very careful with some colors like orange, green and teal. Ensure you pick a great tie that compliments the look perfectly. You can easily add a bit of glam to the look by rocking it with a patterned tie.


Stripped Shirts

Wearing a striped shirt with a black suit is a fundamental look that is perfect for almost any formal event. It gives the suit a smart personality, especially when the fabric of the stripped shirt compliments that if the suit. The best part about wearing a striped shirt with a black suit is that there are so many colorful striped patterns one can play around with, however, care has to be taken while choosing the perfect stripe. For example, you should be careful with black and white stripes as it is a lot better to opt for the smaller stripes. Wearing big white and black stripes might just make you look like a penguin. Remember to keep it simple with a coloured plain tie.


Non-formal Shirts

If you have a semi-casual ceremony and you want to pull off a suit while standing out from the crowd, then stick to a nonformal shirt. The best picks here include knitwear, turtleneck shirts, and cotton t-shirts. You can even wear this look during winter, especially when you need to

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