Getting Well Dressed For Your Job Interview Session – Fashion Trends

The way you get dressed for your job interview session will help create your first impression on the HR team. It is important that you have to make the selection of ideal clothes that can suit your personality and your job requirements. This will help in creating your best impression the very first time. It is obvious that when attending a job interview, you are looking forward from being hired by the employers. In general, most employers and HR team always make their judgment on the basis of your looks and appearance.

Even if a Job interview is not a part of walking the fashion show ramp, still there are a few basic rules that you need to follow. If overlooked, there are chances that you may lose the opportunity of being hired the very first time. Just like your certificates and CV, right selection of clothes is also an important factor. This will help HR team identify your personality and taste. Some of the rules that you can follow to increase your chances of being selected are mentioned here below.


The very first thing that you need to decide is the selection of the type of clothes you want to wear. In most cases making the right selection of suit and neck tie is the best option for any job interview. The right selection of color shade is also important. It is best to try and select something that is a combination of dark and light color.

This will help create perfect balance within your personality and looks. Leather shoes are always first choice if you have selected a suit for the interview. Selecting blue shade of shirt and dark shade trouser can add a lot of magic to your personality. The colors you select should, in fact, blend in perfectly with your skin complexion.  The necktie is another important factor that should match perfectly with the color of your shirt and trousers.

Jeans may never be the right choice for an interview session as it is never formal. Try and make a selection of colors that are not very much common. A simple button-down shirt and khakis may be an ideal choice for people who have bulky personality. You can offer it with unique looks by selecting matching necktie and a pair of leather shoes.

Shoes and belts

Belts and shoes are also important accessories that you have to select that blends in perfectly with your clothes and personality. A black colored belt is perfect to match with black leather shoes. Medium toned belts can easily be compromised with brown shoes. Also, ensure that you select dark shade necktie that matches with your clothes.

Cologne selection

Cologne selection is also important when attending your interview session. Over applying one that is very strong fragrance is also something you need to avoid. Always keep in mind that not many people are comfortable with strong cologne fragrance.  It is important that whatever you select should be mild and natural.

All other accessories should be selected wisely so you get a chance to leave your impression on the minds of the employers.

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