How A Suit Should Be Worn Correctly

Suits are assets every man should have in his wardrobe. They are more than just the most sophisticated piece of clothing a man can have, they also draw you to your full height and nicely hideaway those extra pounds. Suits have a classy air to them when worn correctly and can double up your confidence level.

It does not do to just have a pair of matching jacket and trousers tailored to be sewn together. No. For your suit to be fully effective, it has to be worn correctly.

With a correctly worn suit, you could impress everyone at the meeting or that lady you finally got to go on a date with you. You will also get more respect from everyone you come across. Here you will be getting tips on how your suit should be worn correctly in order for you to stand out in a room.

  1. Right, fit: It is very important when wearing a suit that it fits you perfectly. The shoulders of the suit have to be the perfect size of your shoulders. Not too small and not too large. Your pants and jacket have to also be your perfect size, just big enough to allow easy movement. If your suit is too big or too small, it will lose its classiness.
  2. Right color rhyme: Your outfit color has to be perfectly rhymed. Starting from the color of your suit to your tie, inner shirt, and shoes, everything has to match perfectly. Your tie must always be in contrast with the color of your suit. You cannot wear a patterned suit with a patterned inner shirt. One has to be plain if the other is patterned. Also, the darker your suit is and the lighter your inner shirt is the better.
  3. Unfasten the last button: Always unfasten the last button of your jacket and waistcoat. This is more fashionable and it also makes you more comfortable in your suit.
  4. No belt with suspenders: when you are wearing suspenders with your suit, there is any need for you to wear a belt on your suit. The purpose of suspenders is to hold your trousers up for you just like a belt. So if you are wearing a suspender with your suits, which is also very classy, do not also wear a belt.
  5. Few accessories: You do not need a lot of accessories when wearing a suit. When it comes to a suit, less is more. Let the suit do all the attention catching. Cufflinks and a wristwatch are all the accessories you need when wearing a suit. They give your look more character. Any additions to this might not be the best idea.
  6. Waist coasts and ties: Your ties and waistcoats must finish at your belt. While shopping for them, make sure you choose ties and waistcoats that are not too long or too short.


With these tips, you are guaranteed to wear your suit correctly and stand out in a crowd.

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